About Us

I grew up in Cardiff and left Ysgol Glantaf in 1995.  Ben was born and bred in Bristol and was already working as a photocopier engineer by then.  Ben and I met on the 4th July 1995 in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria while each of us was on holiday with 5 other friends.  I moved to Bristol in 1996 and mainly worked for the City Council whilst Ben has been doing exactly the same since he left college.  Ben proposed in the Main Street bandstand at EuroDisney, Paris in 1997 and we bought our first house in Whitehall 1999. We were married in Castell Coch in 2002, exactly seven years after meeting and have been keen on having a family since then.


In 2009 we decided to sell up in Bristol and move to Cardiff.  Ben managed to remain working for the same company albeit working his way up and now based in Cardiff too.  I worked with my Mother in her own Home Care company from then ( all the while keeping our fingers crossed and my legs uncrossed in the hope to have children).


In 2010 I finally managed to get a referral to IVF Wales at the Heath Hospital and thats where the next part of the journey.

After another attempt at an IVF cycle in December 2011 I became quite ill and the Doctors refused to put the eggs back in, I was really upset by this and they put our little emryos on ice.  I was terribly sick over Christmas and found out on the 30th December 2011 that the reason for this was that I had already fallen pregnant naturally before the embryos could be replaced!


Dexter James  Hall was born on 23rd August 2012 and as I'm writing this is about to turn 3 years old.


After working our way through all of our frozen emryos a while later we were successful with our very last one.


Finley Jude Hall was born on 16th July 2014 and we have just celebrated his first birthday and his learning to walk.


I will admit to the birth experience and with Finley and pregnancies being less than fun and I don't think we'd get so lucky agin even if we wanted to.  Thankfully we are very happy with our two little rascals. This part of the story leaves us complete.